Jamestown Honored with 8 Reed Awards

Jamestown Honored with 8 Reed Awards


Jamestown Associates is proud to announce that the firm was honored with 8 Reed Awards at the annual Reed Awards Ceremony in Austin, TX, held February 21-22, 2019.

"2018 was an exciting year of big opportunities and tremendous growth," said Jamestown Associates CEO Larry Weitzner and Partners Barney Keller and Jon Kohan in a statement. “We’re especially proud of the creative television, digital, and radio work we produced on behalf of our clients. It’s an honor to have that work recognized by Campaigns & Elections Magazine.”

The full list of Jamestown’s 2018 Reed Award winning work includes: 

Charlie Baker, “Peter Thompson”
Best TV Ad for Gubernatorial Candidate (Republican), Television Category

Charlie Baker, “Peter Thompson”
Best TV Ad - 60 Seconds (Republican), Television Category

Stop I-186, “Agree”
Best TV Ad for Ballot Initiative, Television Category

Mike Braun, “The Difference”
Most Effective Comparative TV Ad, Television Category

Mike Braun, “The Difference”
Most Original Web Video (Republican), Digital Category

Mike Braun, “The Difference”
Best Web Video for Primary Candidate (Republican), Digital Category

Stop I-186, “Agree”
Best Radio Ad for Public Affairs/Issue Advocacy Campaign or Ballot Initiative, Radio Category

Mike Braun, “Doer”
Best Radio Ad for a Senatorial Campaign, Radio Category

The Reed Awards, bestowed annually by Campaigns & Elections Magazine, recognize excellence in campaign management, political consulting, and political design.

Check out some of our winning work below! 

Charlie Baker, “Peter Thompson”

Mike Braun, “The Difference”

Stop I-186, “Agree”

Here’s why the Democrats’ 2020 announcements have been so bad.

Here’s why the Democrats’ 2020 announcements have been so bad.

This morning, Jamestown CEO Larry Weitzner sounded off in The Washington Examiner about why the 2020 Democratic primary candidates’ campaign launches have been so forgettable.

“In our social media-driven 24/7 political environment, authenticity is something candidates can’t afford to fake,” writes Weitzner, “but the Democrats’ crop of 2020 primary challengers are doing their very best.”

Larry was the lead ad maker on President Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. Click here to read his take in The Washington Examiner, and click below to see some of the award-winning television advertising Larry and Jamestown have produced for President Trump’s campaign.

Donald Trump for President, “Movement“

Donald Trump for President, “Deplorables”

Donald Trump for President, “Choice”

21 Finalists

21 Finalists


In 2018, Jamestown helped deliver hard-fought victories for clients across the country like Senator Mike Braun, Governor Charlie Baker, and Governor Chris Sununu.

Today, we are proud to announce that our groundbreaking television, radio, and direct mail advertising has earned Jamestown recognition as a finalist in 21 Reed Award categories. 

The Reed Awards are among the highest accolades in political and public affairs advertising, celebrating creativity, quality, and effectiveness. Jamestown is honored to be recognized as a finalist in 21 categories – a new record for our firm.

That’s the Jamestown difference. Check out some of our Reed Award-nominated spots below to see how Jamestown’s unforgettable ads are winning tough campaigns.

Senator Mike Braun, "The Difference"

Senator Mike Braun, "The Choice"

Governor Charlie Baker, "Peter Thompson”

Thank You to Our Clients

Thank You to Our Clients


Jamestown Associates is proud to congratulate our clients Senator-elect Mike Braun, Governor Charlie Baker, Governor Chris Sununu, many other Members of Congress and state legislatures nationwide, and independent groups like the Republican Jewish Coalition on their hard-fought victories last night.

Jamestown CEO Larry Weitzner said, “From helping President Trump expand the Republican majority in the U.S. Senate to electing Republican Governors in some of the bluest states in the nation, we are proud to have played a role in some of 2018’s toughest races.”

“I want to thank all of our clients,” Weitzner continued, “especially those who were not successful yesterday, who sacrificed so much, but came up short. Your efforts were not in vain.”

Braun, “The Difference”

Jamestown Partners Barney Keller and Jon Kohan acted as general and media consultants for Senator-elect Braun’s successful campaign. The ads that Jamestown produced for the Braun campaign have been widely applauded across the political spectrum and by the press, who’ve called them “buzzworthy,” “memorable,” “particularly effective,” and “the game-changer of the cycle.”

Click below to watch some of our winning work:

Braun, “Made in America”

Braun, “Blowing in the Wind”

Baker, “Four Years”

Baker, “An Incredible Honor”

Sununu, “Better Than Ever”

One Night, Two Huge Wins

One Night, Two Huge Wins

Jamestown Associates is excited to congratulate Leah Vukmir, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Wisconsin and Bob Stefanowski, the Republican nominee for Governor in Connecticut.

Wisconsin: Vukmir Outspent, But Never Gave Up

State Senator Leah Vukmir was outspent 4-to-1. An April poll released by her opponent showed her losing by 18 points.

But a strong campaign led by campaign manager Jess Ward helped Vukmir overcome the millions spent against her, resulting in a 24-point swing in the August primary.

“Leah Vukmir had an amazing team, an amazing message, and the love of conservatives who knew that she was the best candidate,” said Jamestown Partners Jon Kohan and Barney Keller, who served as general and media consultants for the campaign. “We were proud to help Leah tell her story, but the end result is due to Leah’s hard work and perseverance in the face of a historic spending disparity.”

Leah Vukmir’s first primary ad, “Threatened,” which told the story of her fight with Governor Scott Walker to pass Wisconsin’s “Act 10” Law dealing with collective bargaining, went viral, racking up nearly 50,000 views on YouTube.

“Leah Vukmir – Threatened” 

“Leah Vukmir – Flush” 

Connecticut: Stefanowski Continues Jamestown’s Gubernatorial Hot Streak

Outspent. Starting from nothing in the polls.

Same result: A victory for Jamestown client Bob Stefanowski.

No other firm has helped elect more Republican Governors in the historically hostile confines of the Northeast than Jamestown Associates, and we’re prepared to add to that record in November!

“Bob Stefanowski is ready to change Connecticut and take it in a different direction after eight years of failed leadership from Democrat Dan Malloy,”said Jamestown CEO Larry Weitzner and Executive Vice President Ben Hartman, who produced the media for the Stefanowski campaign.“Bob is an outstanding candidate with an outstanding team, and voters in Connecticut are ready for a businessman and outsider who will put them first.”

See the work:

“Bob Stefanowski – Bob the Rebuilder” 

“Bob Stefanowski – MOTS” 

To see more of Jamestown’s award winning work click here.