Unique New Spot by Jamestown Associates: "Murphy’s Law"

Unique New Spot by Jamestown Associates: "Murphy’s Law"

In a heated battle for New Jersey's governorship, middle-class, working mom Kim Guadagno is taking on Goldman Sachs millionaire Phil Murphy. Murphy has proposed $1.3 billion in new tax hikes – and he is just getting started. His spending plan would raise property, gas, income, and other taxes in one of the highest taxed states in the nation.  

In a humorous new spot called "Murphy's Law," produced for Kim Guadagno by Jamestown Associates, kids in a classroom define the term for New Jersey voters.  

"Does anyone know what Murphy's Law is?" asks the teacher. A student answers: "Murphy’s Law states that if anything can be taxed, Phil Murphy will tax it. And if it’s already taxed, he’ll raise it."  

Watch the spot here.

Jamestown Associates Congratulates Kim Guadagno on Her Primary Victory

Jamestown Associates Congratulates Kim Guadagno on Her Primary Victory

Congratulations to Kim Guadagno on her decisive win in New Jersey's Republican primary for Governor. After defeating four other candidates, she will face a former Goldman Sachs executive, Democrat Phil Murphy, in the general election.

Jamestown Associates is proud to have produced Kim Guadagno's TV ads and direct mail, focusing on her innovative plan to make one of the most over-taxed states in the nation more affordable. The campaign was praised as "effective in the street fight of the GOP Primary."

We look forward to helping Kim Guadagno take on Phil Murphy, a wealthy, out-of-touch tax-raiser, this November.

Click below to watch one of the TV ads Jamestown Associates created for Kim Guadagno.

Jamestown Congratulates Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert on Her Reelection

Jamestown Congratulates Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert on Her Reelection

Overcame Bernie Sanders/Tom Perez Onslaught

Jamestown Associates congratulates Jean Stothert on her decisive reelection win in the race for Mayor of Omaha.

“Mayor Stothert and her team should be immensely proud of the campaign they ran and the victory they secured. The mayor has done a great job reducing crime and lowering property taxes. It was a well-earned victory. And it was great to work with Dave Boomer again,” said Jamestown CEO Larry Weitzner.

Though the Democrats attempted to nationalize the race by sending Bernie Sanders and Tom Perez to campaign against Mayor Stothert, the mayor and her team remained focused and disciplined, running a campaign that spoke directly to the issues facing everyday Omaha residents.

“In a race like this every vote counts, and there’s no question: Jamestown’s messaging made a difference,” said Stothert campaign spokesman David Boomer.

Jamestown is proud to have produced Mayor Stothert’s TV and radio ads. Click below to view the Stothert campaign’s closing TV spot.

Here is the Ad the Mainstream Media Refused to Run

Here is the Ad the Mainstream Media Refused to Run

In an unprecedented move, the mainstream TV networks censored a Presidential TV ad.

No matter your ideology, the notion of censorship should send a chill up your spine. The First Amendment is first for a reason – no right is more fundamental and inherently American than freedom of speech. Yet, CNN, CBS, ABC, and NBC decided you cannot see it on their airwaves. To our knowledge, this has never happened before.

Jamestown Associates is proud to have produced this ad. And, fortunately, the internet is not subject to the mainstream media's censorship.

Jamestown Launches New Website

After a historic 2016 election cycle, when Jamestown helped elect President Trump and many other talented Republicans around the country, we thought it was time for a website refresh.
JamestownAssociates.com tells you all about one of the nation's most successful political and public affairs consulting firms. You can find out more about our leadershipservicessuccess stories, and catch up on the latest news about the agency. Watch Jamestown's sizzle reel, featuring highlights from our TV and video work, and our demo reel, featuring a compilation of some of our best spots.

"Our updated website gives everyone a good idea about what makes Jamestown unique – our passion, originality, and meticulous attention to our clients. I'm especially proud to share our work from the 2016 elections. Take a moment and watch our brand new sizzle reel. It'll give you a good glimpse into the work we do to help our clients win tough campaigns," said Larry Weitzner, Jamestown Associates CEO.

Creative Director Len Khodorkovsky added: "JamestownAssociates.com has seen a spike in traffic over the last few years, so we revamped the site to accommodate the growing interest in the firm. It's sleek, informative, and easy to navigate. Visit us. We'd love to reintroduce ourselves to you."

Contact Jamestown Associates to see how we can help you win.

Jamestown Wins 10 Awards

Jamestown Associates is proud to announce that the agency has received 7 Reed and 3 Pollie Awards for its work in the 2016 election cycle. The highlights included our work for President Trump, which was honored with the Best Ad For Republican Presidential Candidate Reed Award and a Pollie for the Best Overall Television Campaign.