Jamestown Associates is excited to announce that Lisa Morrison, Jamestown’s Chief Operating Officer, has been named a partner of the firm.

Lisa joined Jamestown in 2005, and has extensive political, media, and management experience. Over the course of her career, she has helped lead clients at all levels of government to victory in a variety of states, including New Jersey, Florida, Connecticut, Illinois, and Michigan, among others.

“We could not be prouder to announce Lisa as a partner,” said Jamestown CEO Larry Weitzner. “Her leadership, talent, and work ethic have been fundamental to Jamestown’s continued success for over a decade and have served our clients exceptionally well. I have no doubt that she will continue to help take Jamestown to new heights as partner.”

As both COO and partner, Lisa’s leadership and experience will continue to play a central role in Jamestown’s sustained growth and success.