One Night, Two Huge Wins

One Night, Two Huge Wins

Jamestown Associates is excited to congratulate Leah Vukmir, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Wisconsin and Bob Stefanowski, the Republican nominee for Governor in Connecticut.

Wisconsin: Vukmir Outspent, But Never Gave Up

State Senator Leah Vukmir was outspent 4-to-1. An April poll released by her opponent showed her losing by 18 points.

But a strong campaign led by campaign manager Jess Ward helped Vukmir overcome the millions spent against her, resulting in a 24-point swing in the August primary.

“Leah Vukmir had an amazing team, an amazing message, and the love of conservatives who knew that she was the best candidate,” said Jamestown Partners Jon Kohan and Barney Keller, who served as general and media consultants for the campaign. “We were proud to help Leah tell her story, but the end result is due to Leah’s hard work and perseverance in the face of a historic spending disparity.”

Leah Vukmir’s first primary ad, “Threatened,” which told the story of her fight with Governor Scott Walker to pass Wisconsin’s “Act 10” Law dealing with collective bargaining, went viral, racking up nearly 50,000 views on YouTube.

“Leah Vukmir – Threatened” 

“Leah Vukmir – Flush” 

Connecticut: Stefanowski Continues Jamestown’s Gubernatorial Hot Streak

Outspent. Starting from nothing in the polls.

Same result: A victory for Jamestown client Bob Stefanowski.

No other firm has helped elect more Republican Governors in the historically hostile confines of the Northeast than Jamestown Associates, and we’re prepared to add to that record in November!

“Bob Stefanowski is ready to change Connecticut and take it in a different direction after eight years of failed leadership from Democrat Dan Malloy,”said Jamestown CEO Larry Weitzner and Executive Vice President Ben Hartman, who produced the media for the Stefanowski campaign.“Bob is an outstanding candidate with an outstanding team, and voters in Connecticut are ready for a businessman and outsider who will put them first.”

See the work:

“Bob Stefanowski – Bob the Rebuilder” 

“Bob Stefanowski – MOTS” 

To see more of Jamestown’s award winning work click here.

Jamestown Associates Congratulates Congressman Michael Cloud

Jamestown Associates Congratulates Congressman Michael Cloud


Jamestown is excited to congratulate Congressman Michael Cloud on being sworn in as the U.S. Representative of Texas’ 27th Congressional District. Jamestown Associates served as the lead political media consulting firm for Congressman Cloud’s successful campaign.

Congressman Cloud’s victory – which he secured by winning 55% of the vote and avoiding a runoff in a nine-candidate race – has been celebrated as a positive sign for Republicans heading into November’s midterm election. The Weekly Standard noted that “the GOP performed much better here than they have in many other major special elections.”

Jamestown was proud to play a leading role by producing an ad campaign that captured voters’ attention, successfully helping drive turnout for a Saturday special election in the middle of a hot Texas summer.

Click below to see Jamestown’s ad for Congressman Cloud:

“Michael Cloud – Election Notice” 

Jamestown in the Headlines

Jamestown in the Headlines

Jamestown believes in a simple philosophy: always put the client first. By working directly with our clients to craft memorable, hard-hitting, and – most of all – effective ads that capture voters’ attention, we believe the perfect ad campaign can drive the narrative of the race and help deliver the win.

Here’s a look at how Jamestown’s ads are already making the critical difference in some of 2018’s hottest races:

Indiana mystery man upends bloody GOP Senate primary
Politicowrote that Jamestown’s ad campaign for Mike Braun “defined the race” for the Republican nomination for Senate in Indiana, calling our ad “The Difference,” “the most indelible image of the campaign.” Braun secured the nomination on May 8th.

New Video: GOP gubernatorial hopeful loves West Philly
WHYY highlighted Scott Wagner’s Jamestown-produced digital ad “How Can I Help You?,” which features Wagner meeting with voters in West Philadelphia and discussing his plan to be a leader for every single Pennsylvania family. 

With a handgun by her side, Wisconsin U.S. Senate candidate Leah Vukmir appears in first TV ad
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinelcovered Leah Vukmir’s debut television ad “Threatened,” which was produced by Jamestown Partners Barney Keller and Jon Kohan.

U.S. House candidates pump out TV ads covering health care, backgrounds
The Detroit News discussed Shoulder to Shoulder,” Jamestown’s latest ad on behalf of Lena Epstein’s campaign for Congress.

"Foster Friess Campaign Ad: The 21st Century Economy Was Made For Places Like Wyoming
Real Clear Politics covered Foster Friess' first ad “Wyoming Spirit,” which Jamestown produced for Friess’ campaign for governor in May.

Bob Stefanowski And Dave Stemerman Ramp Up Ads In GOP Gubernatorial Race
Bob Stefanowski is running for Governor of Connecticut to rebuild the state’s economy after eight years of unpopular failed political leader Dan Malloy. The Hartford Courantcovered our ad “Bob Stefanowski’s Plan for Connecticut,” which showcases Stefanowski’s business experience and expertise. 

Jamestown Pros in the Press

Jamestown is proud to employ the best and brightest in the business – from our award-winning creative, production, and editorial team to our writers and strategists, we pride ourselves in providing smart analysis and political intelligence. 

The Dems’ Supreme Threat” 
The American Spectator ran with and featured Jamestown Vice President David Huguenel’s recent Insightspost discussing the potential implications of Janus vs. AFSCME.

Sorry, but criticism of the news media is not a threat to press freedom.”
Writing in the Washington Examiner, Jamestown Content Manager Dylan Gallimore criticized the mainstream media’s objection to being held accountable for their biases

Jamestown Associates Congratulates Scott Wagner, Jeff Bartos, and John Chrin

Jamestown Associates Congratulates Scott Wagner, Jeff Bartos, and John Chrin

Jamestown Associates is excited to congratulate Scott Wagner, Jeff Bartos, and John Chrin on their primary victories Tuesday night.

"Care, personalization, and hands-on work with the client go into every single ad we produce," said CEO Larry Weitzner and Partner Barney Keller in a statement. "We're proud that Jamestown's focus on creative, consistent storytelling both defined Scott Wagner as a tough-talking, trash-hauling businessman on a mission to protect Pennsylvania paychecks, and helped put the Wagner-Bartos team over the top.

"We're also proud of the ads Jamestown produced for John Chrin's campaign for Congress, and we're looking forward to helping Scott Wagner, Jeff Bartos, and John Chrin unseat their liberal opponents in November," added Weitzner.

Jamestown Associates served as the main creative television firm for the Wagner, Bartos, and Chrin campaigns. Click below to check out the work:

Wagner – "Garbageman"

Chrin – "Values"

Jamestown Associates Congratulates Mike Braun and Patrick Morrisey

Jamestown Associates Congratulates Mike Braun and Patrick Morrisey

Jamestown Associates is excited to congratulate Mike Braun on his victory last night in the Republican primary for U.S. Senate in Indiana.

"A great candidate with a great team around him makes things easy. Mike Braun showed that voters are ready for new kinds of leaders who come from outside of politics," said Jamestown Partners Barney Keller and Jon Kohan. "We were proud to help Mike tell his story with a creative and memorable ad campaign."

Along with a talented team including Mark It Red and campaign manager Ben Mitchell, Jamestown knew from the outset that the ads for the Braun campaign needed to first tell Mike’s story as a successful businessman and political outsider, and then strike a contrast with his opponents, two United States Congressmen with very similar backgrounds. Politico wrote that Jamestown’s ads for the Braun campaign "defined the race," calling them "buzzworthy" and "the most indelible image of the campaign." Time Magazine wrote that our ad "The Difference" was "particularly effective," while ABC called it one of the "most memorable ads of the cycle" and a political analyst for National Journal called it a "game-changer."

Jamestown Associates is also excited to congratulate Patrick Morrisey on his victory in West Virginia’s Republican primary. Jamestown produced TV ads for 35th PAC, which backed Morrisey in the hotly contested race and helped him secure a come-from-behind victory.

"Tuesday night was a great night for Jamestown and a great night for Republicans around the country," said Jamestown CEO Larry Weitzner. "We were proud to produce creative, effective ads for the Braun campaign in Indiana and 35th PAC in West Virginia, helping both Mike Braun and Patrick Morrisey win stunning victories. We can’t wait to do it again in November."

Check out some of Jamestown's work for the Braun campaign here:


"The Difference"

"The Choice"

"Made in America"

"Get Washington Moving Again"