After a long week, I thought you might enjoy a fun, creative project that Jamestown Associates contributed to back in 2017: “The Middle of X.”

“The Middle of X” is a lighthearted movie about a group of aging Gen Xers who reconnect for their 25-year high-school reunion – and it’s now available to stream on Amazon, iTunes, and other video-on-demand platforms. 

You can check out the “The Middle of X” trailer hereor rent or buy the movie on Amazon here.

Don’t worry, political friends: this is a project we worked on back in summer 2017. These days, we’re as focused as ever on delivering the win for our clients on Election Day.

I served as one of the producers for “The Middle of X,” and Jamestown’s creative department supervised visual and special effects. The movie was filmed just outside of Philadelphia on a shoestring budget over a period of ten days in June 2017, and it premiered to a strong audience reception in May at the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival, where it was awarded “Best Local Feature Film.” 

The movie also features a killer soundtrack by Philadelphia’s own The Hooters, one of the great Philly rock bands of the 1980s.

In the political off-season, Jamestown strives to grow our firm’s award-winning creative abilities by producing and contributing to feature films and non-political projects. “The Middle of X” follows 2016’s “Equity” as the second award-winning independent film to which Jamestown’s creative team has contributed our creative expertise. 

We’re looking forward to tackling another feature film next summer – but until then, please enjoy “The Middle of X.”