Jamestown Associates is excited to congratulate Mike Braun on his victory last night in the Republican primary for U.S. Senate in Indiana.

"A great candidate with a great team around him makes things easy. Mike Braun showed that voters are ready for new kinds of leaders who come from outside of politics," said Jamestown Partners Barney Keller and Jon Kohan. "We were proud to help Mike tell his story with a creative and memorable ad campaign."

Along with a talented team including Mark It Red and campaign manager Ben Mitchell, Jamestown knew from the outset that the ads for the Braun campaign needed to first tell Mike’s story as a successful businessman and political outsider, and then strike a contrast with his opponents, two United States Congressmen with very similar backgrounds. Politico wrote that Jamestown’s ads for the Braun campaign "defined the race," calling them "buzzworthy" and "the most indelible image of the campaign." Time Magazine wrote that our ad "The Difference" was "particularly effective," while ABC called it one of the "most memorable ads of the cycle" and a political analyst for National Journal called it a "game-changer."

Jamestown Associates is also excited to congratulate Patrick Morrisey on his victory in West Virginia’s Republican primary. Jamestown produced TV ads for 35th PAC, which backed Morrisey in the hotly contested race and helped him secure a come-from-behind victory.

"Tuesday night was a great night for Jamestown and a great night for Republicans around the country," said Jamestown CEO Larry Weitzner. "We were proud to produce creative, effective ads for the Braun campaign in Indiana and 35th PAC in West Virginia, helping both Mike Braun and Patrick Morrisey win stunning victories. We can’t wait to do it again in November."

Check out some of Jamestown's work for the Braun campaign here:


"The Difference"

"The Choice"

"Made in America"

"Get Washington Moving Again"