Jamestown Associates is excited to announce that Barney Keller and Jon Kohan have been named partners of the firm, and that Lisa Morrison has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer.

Jamestown CEO Larry Weitzner says, "Barney and Jon excel at everything they do, and they will make great partners as Jamestown Associates continues to grow. They work hard, think smart, and most importantly, always put the client first, which has been a core of our philosophy from the beginning. Lisa has been with Jamestown for over a decade. She is a proven leader and manager, and as we grow, Lisa will ensure our continued smooth operations."

Barney, Jon and Lisa have more than 30 years of combined experience mapping out and executing some of the toughest campaigns in the country. Their proven record of success has served Jamestown's team and client portfolio well in recent election cycles and will only lead to bigger victories in the future.

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