Larry Weitzner | CEO

Larry Weitzner is the CEO of Jamestown Associates, one of the nation’s premier political consulting firms specializing in television advertising, campaign strategy, direct mail, and issue communications. Jamestown’s team consists of award-winning editors, designers, and top-tier political strategists from across the country.

Larry was the lead ad maker for the Donald J. Trump for President campaign. The ads produced by Jamestown helped Donald Trump achieve a historic upset in 2016, and a two-minute ad by Jamestown called “Argument for America” received over 8 million views on YouTube – more than any other ad produced by either campaign. Time Magazine ranked two of Jamestown’s ads among “the most notable” of 2016.

In 2018, Larry produced the TV ads for Republican Governor Charlie Baker’s reelection campaign in the deep blue state of Massachusetts, which saw Governor Baker win re-election with over 65% of the vote – the highest percentage for a candidate for Governor of Massachusetts since 1994. In 2014, Baker was first elected with Larry’s help, including an ad that was dubbed the first ever “selfie” ad.

Charlie Baker’s 2018 re-election, along with the re-election of Jamestown client Chris Sununu, marked a new milestone for Larry: having produced ads for Governors George Pataki, Jodi Rell, Chris Christie, Sununu, and Baker, Larry has now helped elect more Republican Governors in the Northeast than any other media consultant in the past 30 years.

Jamestown’s ads have been featured on Meet the Press, ABC, NBC and CBS Nightly News, Crossfire, Hannity, Hardball with Chris Matthews, Campaigns and Elections, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and many other news and political publications around the country.

Larry has a bachelor’s degree from Lehigh University and a law degree from Seton Hall University. He and his wife Jackie have two children.

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