At Jamestown, we believe in crafting creative campaigns that put the clients’ story first. But sometimes, digging a little deeper and taking a closer look can make all the difference.

Here are just a few of the headlines and stories that Jamestown’s political and public affairs pros have made so far this election cycle.

Nothing about the way Team Trump made TV ads was normal.”
Our CEO Larry Weitzner spoke with Chris Cillizza of CNN and the Washington Post about the “high-energy, high-impact” process behind crafting the groundbreaking ads that helped deliver the 2016 election for Donald Trump.

Steve Mnuchin will deliver a Republican win on tax reform.”
Jamestown Partner Barney Keller correctly predicted in The Hill that U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin would play a front-and-center role in helping President Trump and congressional Republicans secure a historic legislative achievement on taxes.

Surge of female congressional candidates pits women against women.”
Writing in The Observer, Jamestown’s Vice President of Public Affairs Candice Greaux sized up the electoral battles being duked out by a historic number of women candidates across the county.

Chuck Schumer’s shutdown fell apart when the mainstream media refused to shield Democrats.”
Jamestown Content Manager Dylan Gallimore sounded off in the Washington Examiner about Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer’s attempt to shut down the government over DACA.

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